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Eleven. What a big, beautiful year of coming into being YOU! Discovering, uncovering, learning about the depths of your soul. Deeply moving in many ways for you, my not so little child. As your mom, I am excited to see your journey unfold in front of you. Possibilities limitless.


This is the time to truly listen to the whisperings of your own heart, these thoughts are your soul’s joys! Remember them always…write them down, nurture them, and cherish the treasures that they are. Gifts from the soul. I promise you, one day you’ll be so glad you did.

You are pure, sunshiny light, my Sydney. Your heart, one of the purest and sweetest I’ve ever met, please hold on tight to those blessings. Those two traits alone will bless your life, as well as other lives, beyond measure.


Thank you for your cuddles, talks, walks, and for always loving, forgiving, and realizing it’s not worth it to sweat the small stuff!

4,015 days with you. They have been an absolute honor and joy. I adore you, love, and hope you know what a gift you have given me by allowing me to be your mom.

I love you, my last baby….Higher than the sky and deeper than the sea. xo.

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